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Still want to shoot zombies?

Visit our BRAND NEW attraction "Zombie Warfare: Death Row" Grand Opening September 18th!

The Fear Experience Haunted House presents a tactical, live action, video game like zombie shooting experience: Zombie Warfare! You and your team will use state of the art, military training weapons to clear apocalyptic environments overrun by the undead. You will navigate you way through completely immersive environments and battle oncoming infectious zombies.  The weapons you will be using are military grade training replicas. Their size, form, and function are similar to real world models. Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and muzzle flash.

The zombies will be wearing cutting-edge head shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be killed. Don’t forget to aim for the head!

Wearing your end of the world clothing and gear is encouraged as is listening closely to your orders: your survival may depend on it. You will be immersed in an apocalyptic nightmare world where survival is your only goal. Reservations are required. This event is expected to sell out.


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